Time to reconnect. Croatia reopens its borders

Croatia opens borders Karaka – We have all experienced changes in our daily routines and lifestyle due to the spread of the coronavirus this past springtime. One of the industries that have been massively affected by the coronavirus is the tourism industry. Many borders closed, people around the globe stayed at their homes, work stopped, everything stopped for a couple of months.

As things are slowly getting back to normal, many countries are reopening their borders and allowing travelers to enter. Croatia is one of the countries that has already opened its borders, hoping to attract tourists, despite pandemic. The country opened its borders on May 11th, allowing visitors from the EU to enter the country, if providing proof of paid hotel or apartment accommodation reservation, or arriving for business purposes. In addition, a few days ago it was announced that travelers from Czechia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Poland are now allowed to enter the country without any restrictions. The lockdown is being lifted and by mid – June it is expected all borders will be open and travel fully allowed. Furthermore, it has been announced that EU border restrictions will also be lifted on June 15th, 2020 so from mid – June, all travelers from other countries, like the USA or Australia, will also be able to enter Croatia. However, no official information or details have been provided at this stage. Croatia opens borders Karaka!

Furthermore, the airline industry has also been seriously hit by the corona outbreak, which has led to many airlines cancelling flights, changing routes, grounding planes and even going bankrupt. As the world is slowly reopening the borders now, many airlines announced the resumption of operations to Croatia in the months of June and July.  More information about flights to Dubrovnik will be shared in the next few days.

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Croatia has opened its borders for tourists with a paid reservation and businesses from EU/EEA countries since May 11. Citizens of Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, and Germany can now enter Croatia without restriction, it was announced on May 28

Currently, Croatia does NOT require any COVID-19 test, and there is NO quarantine/self-isolation requirement. What is the situation after your Croatian holiday when you return to your home country?

Croatia opens borders Karaka