Dubrovnik boat tours – SUNSET CRUISE – A MEMORY TO HOLD ON TO

Just before the sunset we invite you to join us on a short trip around Dubrovnik and the Lokrum island. Dinner on the 16th-century Karaka ship, listening to ambient music, enjoying sparkling wine and listening to the tales of the old is an authentic Dubrovnik-style experience that you do not want to miss!

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Watching the sunset over the walled city and islands of Dubrovnik on Karaka’s two-hour original dinner cruise is a memory to hold on even on the coldest winter nights. We sail out into the Adriatic – siping the cold glass of wine under the starlit sky and enjoying the moonlight reflecting on the sea.

Relax under a starlit sky savouring breathtaking views of Dubrovnik fortification walls and red-tiled roofs. Marvel at the Lokrum island twinkling in the twilight just off the coast. Listen to the ambient sounds of background music while indulging in the onboard buffet, loaded with delicious Dalmatian goodies prepared right here – in argosy’s galley kitchen.

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Dubrovnik boat tours

From starters to dessert, we made sure this is not just another meal on a boat. Selected dishes, carefully prepared out of fresh local ingredients, will surely satisfy every modern epicurean. Dalmatian cuisine paired with carefully picked local wines is world known and best enjoyed in front of Dubrovnik city walls. 

The most beautiful love songs have been written in Dubrovnik. Breathtaking views of the City are the perfect backdrop for romantic moments that are best spent sailing under a starry sky with a loved one. Karaka sunset cruise with dinner is designed for you to immerse into a warm summer night.

No matter how you spend the day, cruising on a wooden boat that tells many stories is the perfect ending. Comfortable Karaka and our kind and unobtrusive staff will help you rewind. Rated with the highest marks and raving reviews, sunset cruise and dinner aboard Karaka leaves our guests breathless.