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Dubrovnik excursions – A carrack ship, historically, was a three- or four-masted ocean-sailing vessel developed in the 14th to 15th centuries on the Mediterranean. Upgraded from the single-masted cog, the carrack was first used for European trade from the Mediterranean to the Baltics and quickly found use with the newly found wealth of the trans-Atlantic trade between Europe and Africa, and, later on, the Americas.

In its most developed form, the carrack was a carvel-built ocean ship that was large enough to be stable in heavy seas, carrying large cargo and the provisions needed for very long voyages. The most famous carrack is “Santa María” – the ship in which Christopher Columbus made his first voyage to America in 1492.

Dubrovnik carrack – Dubrovnik excursions

The Dubrovnik carrack (karaka) was a large sailing ship built in the Dubrovnik Republic from the 15th century and is among the largest ships of that time. Carrack ships transported very expensive loads. They were heavily armed with 40 cannons in order to defend themselves from pirates. The crew consisted of up to 140 people. 

Dubrovnik excursions – the Dubrovnik karaka had three masts, with the middle one being the highest. The stern was tall, which was a specific characteristic of ocean sailing ships. The ceiling in the central area of the carrack ship was covered with paintings from well-known Renaissance artists. Some karaka ships had blacksmiths and carpentry workshops on board, as well as drawing wells with water, gardens and habitats for pigs, rabbits and hens. After the 16th century, the carrack ships were improved and could fit up to 1000 soldiers and 900 tonnes of cargo. 


People from Dubrovnik were very patient and top masters, using only the best quality wood in the construction of carrack ships. Their karaka ships travelled and sailed to Great Britain and Americas. 

The great bard William Shakespeare came up with the name argosy and used it in a few of his plays (in “King Henry”, “The Merchant of Venice” and in “The Taming of the Shrew”) after seeing a mighty Dubrovnik karaka in London harbor. It is derived from the name Ragusa which was an Italian version of the name for Dubrovnik Republic (Republica Ragusea).
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