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Sometimes it seems that the sea separates worlds and people, but Dubrovnik’s glorious past has taught us that the sea actually unites us. Dubrovnik sailing ships, of which the Karaka is the most famous, connected Ragusa with the entire known world, they even sailed as far away as India!

The law dictated that ships carrying away all that was traded must not return empty!

Living the past does not mean living in the past. Understanding the past means understanding the present, but also the future.

All this is united in Dubrovnik, the city that made the past timeless, but also us, for whom Dubrovnik has been home for centuries.

Our captain Fran’s passion for the famous history of his hometown is summed up precisely in the Karaca, a replica of a historical merchant ship that today offers you a unique opportunity to dive into the famous Ragusa, to feel the smell of the sea and a whiff of the breeze as sailors did centuries ago.

We will take you on trips where you will discover the charms of Dubrovnik’s Elaphites, step into the King’s breastworks, get to know the beauty of the famous Republic or simply enjoy a beautiful and romantic sunset with glass of sparkling wine.

In order to enrich croatian touristic offers and relive the glorious past of the naval and shipbuilding history in Dubrovnik, a complex task has been undertaken to build the replica of the historical carrack- one of the best and most popular merchant ships in the Dubrovnik Republic (1272.-1808.). The construction of Karaka on the island of Murter lasted for years, firstly due to the fact that an immense amount of attention was given to even the smallest details and in the selection of special materials that would be able to grasp the feeling of being in the 16th century.

Karaka symbolizes the importance of naval history of The Dubrovnik Republic and the reputation of the influential builders of large carrack ships and galleons. Between the 14th and 17th century, carrack, due to its’ size and commercial purposes was one of the most important sailing ships in the Mediterranean Sea and can be indeed considered as the predecessor of sailing boats built up until the 19th century.

Guest are amazed with Karaka, it’s beauty, historical role and importance, yet having the opportunity to sail on a living souvenir of the famous Dubrovnik Republic. Even before the embarkation itself, guests love to take pictures infront of Karaka and during boarding, they wish to know more about her rich history and explore each interesting fact.


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