Karaka – Event ship

Sailing on the Karaka represents a truly unique way of exploring the Croatian coast, while also offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to live a slice of Dubrovnik’s history in modern era.
Karaka event ship providing full on-board catering services, for the most part, complements Dubrovnik’s offer in the M.I.C.E. tourism field.
Ideal for incentive programs, day or evening cruises, theme parties, team building or wedding ceremonies, celebrations and more.

Gala dinners

Sail with historical Karaka while tasting a great selection of canapés and drinks by your choice.​
Then carry on your unique dinner in one of a kind location through Dubrovnik weather by the sea or at a historical fortress or place of Old Town Dubrovnik.​

Incentive programs

Give us your confidence, and in return, we will provide you with support in organizing the perfect business lunch or dinner, important business meeting, or urgent conference meeting.​
All you have to do is pick one magical location in the magnificent city of Dubrovnik, and we will ensure that you get all the help you need in choosing an appropriate menu, table decorations, innovative lighting solutions and all those other important details that the success of your business could depend on.​

Wedding ceremonies

Marriage is one of the most important events of one’s life.​
Reward yourself with unforgettable memories of the day that you declared your love to the entire world!​
Whether you decide on a terrace by the sea, a fortress rich in history or romantic swaying on the Karaka ship, be prepared that we will make your wedding an event that you will remember for the rest of your life.​

Evening cruises

If you would like to enjoy a moonlit night somewhere where the moon shines on the sea, this is the perfect choice for you!​
Listen to romantic/ambiental music and feel the breeze while standing on one of our gleaming decks.​
Discover a new view of old city walls from sea and gaze over the red rooftops of Dubrovnik Old Town.​
While sailing have a bite of our delicious canapés and a glass of sparkling wine or a complete dinner, as you wish.​

Theme parties & Team building

A themed party is a great way to add excitement and variety to any event.​
By choosing a specific theme, you can set the tone for the party and help the guests feel more involved.​
Themed parties can be based on anything from a specific time period or place to a favorite book or movie.​
If you are not sure which idea is the best we are more than happy to assist you about what kind of party would be most enjoyable for your guests.​
So, could there be a better place for your team building than a top tourist attraction such as the magnificent Karaka?​

Celebrations & More

The scent of the sea and our irresistible dishes will turn your birthday celebration, anniversary celebration or any other kind of celebration that you have in mind, into a truly unforgettable experience.​
We offer you an entire range of catering services – from simple cocktail bites, hot-and-cold buffets and finger food delicacies to barbecue meals and classic lunches and dinners.​

Corporate functions – M.I.C.E.

We will provide you with partner support during the organization of your perfect business lunch or banquet, important business meeting or gala dinner.​
Incentive trips, excursions, team building, meetings, luncheons, dinner cruises, cocktail cruises, product presentations, etc.​

Commercial activities

Usually, marketing and promotion of products are made where they can produce the best results and in areas where the greatest number of consumers see the promotional campaign of the product.​
What better place than a top tourist destination and on the beautiful replica of the ship – Karaka?​
Film & photo shooting for music clips, television series, movies, advertisements, promotional activities, etc.​

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